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30 Years

In Flanders Fields Museum 20th Anniversary

Posted on: December 15th, 2017 by Kathryn Jobson

On the 3rd April 1998 the In Flanders Fields Museum opened its doors to visitors.  By April 2018, around 4.6 million people from around the world will have visited the museum.

From the 17th February to the 26th August 2018 the museum is presenting TRACES OF WAR – an exhibition about WWI archaeology.  The exhibition presents the results of more than 150 excavations that took place in the front region in the last decade.  It will showcase a host of spectacular finds dug up in and around military camps and hospitals on the battlefields of the Yser Front and the Ypres Salient.  The exhibition addresses everyday life at the front, material relics of the position of war and the story of the fallen soldiers whose bodies were recovered.

Highlights include an original British and German trench, an underground tunnel and the personal belongings of six German casualties buried in a mass grave and recently discovered.  The exhibition benefits from various multimedia offerings, films and 3D models.

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