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Holland makes a great destination for value for money school coach trips to Europe.  The close proximity of many of the towns and cities gives you the opportunity to combine a coastal stay with a visit to some of the most interesting cities of the Netherlands.  The beautiful coastal villages of Bergen, Noordwijk, Bakkum and Egmond boast excellent outside activity areas but are only 45 minutes from the cities of Amsterdam or The Hague.



Suggested visits for your school trip to Amsterdam:


Suggested visits for The Hague:


Valkenburg situated to the south of Holland has a picturesque historic centre has plenty to give your school group a fun packed activity trip.

Valkenburg activities:

Valkenburg Chairlift*

  • Wilhelmina Tower Chair Lift
  • Wihelmina Toboggan
  • Phantasialand Theme Park []
  • Valkenburg underground Christmas market

We can arrange a complete package for your trip including the itinerary, accommodation, transport, tours and visits.  Please get in touch with us today.


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