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30 Years

The Jewish Frankfurt

Posted on: August 31st, 2018 by Kathryn Jobson

Most of us know the touching stories of Anne Frank, who was born in Frankfurt.  But did you know that in 2017 an “Anne Frank Day” was declared to celebrate her birthday?  In the summer of 2018 the “Begegnungsstatte Anne Frank” (Anne Frank Meeting Place) was opened, which includes a learning lab informing its visitors about the story of Anne Frank and focusing on teaching today’s youth healthy approaches to confronting racism and Antisemitism.

The Jewish Museum in Frankfurt is considered on of the most significant Jewish centres in Europe.  The museum is currently being enlarged, with the exhibition space being tripled in size.  A grand reopening will take place in the autumn of 2019.

Up to 1933 Frankfurt was home to the second largest Jewish community in Germany, behind only Berlin.  You can learn more about famous former Jewish citizens of Frankfurt, as well as their contribution to Frankfurt’s culture and history with a two hour theme tour.

The memorial at Frankfurt’s former main market hall pays tribute to the memory of some 10,000 former Frankfurt residents who deported from here by train to concentration camps.  The cellars of the former hall were used by the Gestapo from 1941 to 1945 as an assembly centre for Jews prior to their deportation.  The cellars can now only be seen as part of an organised tour.

The Museum Judengasse presents collections and exhibitions highlighting pre-1800 Jewish hisory, including remains of the former Judengasse, Frankfurts one time Jewish Ghetto.  Thanks to its location it also pays tribute to the Old Jewish Cemetary, Borneplatz Synagogu and the deportation of Frankfurt’s Jews.

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