Tel: 01291 675 536

30 Years

Live Chat

During normal UK office hours we will be available on our ‘live chat‘ system so that you can ask questions directly from your web browser.

To chat to us, simply find the yellow “How can we help?” button located towards the bottom right of the website (see Fig. #1).

Fig. #1 - the "live chat" button

Fig. #1 – the “live chat” button

…when you click that button, the chat window will expand and you’ll be able to ask us questions  (see Fig #2)

Fig. #2 - example chat

Fig. #2 – example chat


If We’re Not Online?

Sometimes we may not be available for online chat, if so, the bottom right button will say “Please leave a message” instead. Even though we’re not able to chat to you, you can still use the tool  to message us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible (alternatively, please use the ‘contact‘ page).