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School trips in the UK provide the opportunity for educational learning outside the classroom right on our doorstep. Whether you are looking for the culture and vibrancy of London, the history of medieval York or simply just want a fun experience for your pupils, the UK has something to suit everyone.

London (immediately below), York, Bristol, Bath, Belfast and South Wales are all popular destinations for school trips in the UK.


London offers such an incredible number of opportunities you’ll find it hard to fit it all in!

Here are some ideas for your school trip to London:

Big Ben

Big Ben

London is a great destination for history and citizenship study tours.  Citizenship trips to London can include tours of the East End, delving into the history of what once was one of the worst slums in Europe and also the history of immigration to this area.


York is home to the longest medieval town walls in England and its history dates back to the Romans, Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. York offers a fantastic opportunity for a short educational trip with out of the classroom learning and fun experiences for your pupils.

Suggested York visits include:

National Railway Museum, York*


Bristol is a thriving modern city with a history that can be traced back over a thousand years. Known as the city of bridges, balloons, boats and Brunel, its historic heritage means that Bristol has a fantastic range of things to do.

Bristols top attractions for school trips include:

Bristol Zoo*


Bath and the surrounding area are brimming with activities for your pupils.

Here are some ideas for your school trip:



South Wales

The South Wales region boasts some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK, as well as a strong sense of history. From the coal mines of the valleys the beauty of the Gower Peninsula or the vibrancy of the city of Cardiff you will find an array of activities for your school trip to Wales.


Cardiff, the capital of Wales is a city that offers unique attractions alongside historic buildings and innovative architecture.

Cardiff visits for your school trip may include:

Cardiff Castle*

South Wales Valleys

The South Wales Valleys offer a unique insight into the history of the industrial revolution. Today you can visit a variety of museums and experience the history of of the industrial revolution.

We can arrange a complete package for your trip including the itinerary, accommodation, transport, tours and visits. Please get in touch with us today.

Northern Ireland

Belfast and the Giants Causeway

The capital city of Northern Ireland, Belfast is packed with history and culture, making it the perfect base for visiting the Northern coast.  This coastline of outstanding natural beauty is home to the world famous Giants Causeway with its array of hexagonal basalt columns.

Recommended visits for your trip to Northern Ireland:

We can arrange a complete package for your trip including the itinerary, accommodation, transport, tours and visits. Please get in touch with us today.

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