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Citizenship education helps students develop skills such as communication, decision making, collaborative working and social interaction.  A citizenship studies tour offers students an insight into new cultures and an understanding of how their decisions can play their part in important national and global issues.

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With one of the largest multicultural societies in the world, London offers a variety of opportunities for your Citizenship trip.  From a visit to the Royal Courts of Justice to a guided tour of the London East End, Europe for Schools can arrange an itinerary to suit your requirements.

Recommend visits for your Citizenship trip to London:

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The Berlin Wall physically and ideologically divided Berlin from 1961 to 1989.  The fall of the Berlin Wall paved the way for German reunification and proved to be an enormous turning point for the city.  The city underwent massive redevelopment, involving the political, economic and cultural environments of both East and West Berlin.  Today Berlin is a modern multicultural city offering countless opportunities for your Citizenship study tour.

Recommended visits for your Citizenship trip to Berlin:

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