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We arrange school trips to cover all areas of the National Curriculum.  From Modern Foreign Languages to History, Science and Technology to Religious Education, Food Technology to Art tours, we can arrange a tour to suit your requirements.  If for any reason you can’t find what you are looking for then please get in touch with us.


The study of Greek and Roman classics is considered one of the cornerstones of the humanities and a fundamental element of a rounded education. Classical studies covers the languages, literature,…

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Citizenship education helps students develop skills such as communication, decision making, collaborative working and social interaction.  A citizenship studies tour offers students an insight into new cultures and an understanding…

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Business Studies

Our Business Studies trips are educational, practical and fun, giving students an insight into the workings of both international and local companies. Belgium Brussels As the capital city of Belgium…

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Media and Performance

We believe that our school trips allow students to explore their passion for media, music and performance whilst having fun and developing confidence for the future.  Popular destinations include the…

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A school geography or geology trip can assist your students in the understanding of Earth and all of its human and natural complexities. We can arrange school geography trips to…

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Food Technology

Our food technology school trips are educational, practical and fun and will inspire your students, to fulfil their potential. France The Opal Coast The close proximity of the Opal Coast…

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Art and Design

We can offer a wide range of school art and design tours to suit your requirements. We arrange art and design tours to France, Holland, Spain and Italy. France Paris…

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Science and Technology

We offer school science trips to Europe that will stimulate the curiosity of your students and give them a greater insight into the wide world of science. We arrange science…

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Religious Education

We offer a range of destinations that offer unique insights into religious history and religious events throughout history, including Poland (below), the Czech Republic and Italy. Poland Krakow During World…

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School history trips are a great way of bringing history to life. Visits can be a thought provoking experience, helping students get a deeper insight and understanding of the past.…

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Modern Foreign Languages

School language trips offer the opportunity for students to use the language in real life situations to advance their ability and confidence. We arrange foreign language tours to France (below),…

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